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Creative Correspondence

Creative Correspondence: Art Inquiry Resource Guide 2008

Correspondence can sometimes feel like a series of assignments. Mail the electric bill. Send in that college application. Be better about thank you notes. But what if correspondence felt more like an experiment? Send a postcard to someone you have never met. Try to mail one question to a friend every morning for an entire month. Check the mailbox with a sense of urgency and glee from now on.

We live in a world where correspondence abounds. Text messaging, chatting online, sending emails. We are saturated in an ethereal world of letters. How do we develop relationships by making an offering or exchange? This inquiry explores mail art though illustrated letters, handmade envelopes, zines, artist trading cards and other acts of creative correspondence. 

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Art Inquiry Resource Guides are based on themes generated for, 
and during, New Urban Arts’ Summer Art Inquiry—a five-week, interdisciplinary summer program that brings together high school students and artists in a critical exploration of creative practice. Each guide is based around a specified theme and offers individual and collaborative activities, questions, and prompts to guide the development of your own personal inquiry and/or curriculum. 

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