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Encounter: Art Inquiry Resource Guide 2010

At the core of this inquiry is a simple challenge: open your eyes, see what there is to see, to hear, and to feel in the everyday. In doing so, you just might open yourself up to others and your surroundings in new ways. This guide explores how we shape encounters and how we experience them; how even our own thoughts, and our individual creative processes, are a form of Encounter. 

themes explored:
• Our Senses
• Insiders & Outsiders
• The Strange & The Mundane
• City & Nature
• Ourselves

And so we propose to you dear reader, curriculum planner, star searcher—Explore your world! Go on field trips! Encounter the unknown! Set yourself up for the unexpected, but more importantly, by prepared for profound and gentle moments of encounter to arise in your own kitchen, in conversations with friends, or out on a walk. Expect both the strange and the mundane to meet you where you are, and be ready to take note!

Art Inquiry Resource Guides are based on themes generated for, 
and during, New Urban Arts’ Summer Art Inquiry—a five-week, interdisciplinary summer program that brings together high school students and artists in a critical exploration of creative practice. Each guide is based around a specified theme and offers individual and collaborative activities, questions, and prompts to guide the development of your own personal inquiry and/or curriculum. 

We hope you find these resource guides useful in sparking new ideas for your own creative practice, whether individually, collaboratively, or in the classroom. Each publication’s format allows you to adapt, combine, or alter the activities to best meet the needs of your specific environment.