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May 2012
Our Approach to Evaluation Should Be Just as Provocative as Our Practice, by Jason Yoon I argue that there are multiple paths to being rigorous, about knowing your work and being accountable. But we want to own “rigor” and “accountability” on our terms and in new and creative ways and most importantly honor first voice, through a framework for our diverse participants to describe and interpret what they do and why it is meaningful to them . . .

May 2012
A Brief Conversation on Evaluation, Privilege, & Making Trouble by CJ Jimenez New Urban Arts lets students explore and balances that with always questioning and challenging their thinking. Our audience [at New Urban Arts] are students who have very little agency in their lives, they are a population who’s generally not listened to. What does it mean to free someone to self evaluate and for it to happen organically?

May 2012
The Youth Own Westminster by Abby Savitch-Lew
Within two blocks of Westminster Street, across the street from Central High School, Classical High School, and the Providence Career and Technical Academy, these three nonprofits—Inspiring Minds, New Urban Arts, and Youth Pride Inc.—have created a unique environment.  Some call it an “opportunity zone,” “youth-friendly zone,” or “mosaic picture.” Others call it “family . . . ”

November 2011
ARTOGRAPHY: Arts in a Changing America, by Bill Westerman 
(Site Visit Report) The first thing I noticed when I entered the graduation and fashion show at New Urban Arts was the intense energy of the crowd, probably about 200 people, most of them young students and young adult artists who comprise New Urban Arts’ constituency. . . .

June 2011
Creative Partnerships: Arts Mentoring and Youth Development by Sarah A Brothers
for the Arts and Administration Program and the Graduate School of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Arts Management.

March 2011
I Wish I Had a Place Like This When I Was Growing Up: New Urban Arts and the cultivation of creative practice, by Peter Hocking. Former Board member and Arts Mentoring Fellow Emeritus Peter Hocking wrote this article for Radical Teacher.

December 2009
Keenness in the Peanuts: A Reason to Create by Emely Barroso. Alumnus Emely Barroso wrote this reflection during her junior year in high school.

October 2008
It’s Our Studio : the Nature of Mentorship at New Urban Arts by Elena Belle White A recent graduate of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Arts in Education Program, Elena Belle White wrote this research paper in for a course entitled: Creative Empowerment: Engaging Youth in Community through the Arts. 

March 2007
A Story about New Urban Arts, by Sarah Gibson
Sarah wrote this article as a Brown University student, for a creative non-fiction writing class.