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Secular Shrines & Commemorative Art

Secular Shrines & Commemorative Art: Resource Guide 2007

An exploration of secular shrines and commemorative art that looks at the significance of shrines across cultures, and the creation of both personal and communal shrines. It approaches shrine-making as a practice that spans centuries, inspired by a human impulse to link moments and meaning to objects and art. Shrines resonate particularly strongly with young people, as they provide a space for meaningful interactions with the mysterious forces which shape our world.

Art Inquiry Resource Guides are based on themes generated for, 
and during, New Urban Arts’ Summer Art Inquiry—a five-week, interdisciplinary summer program that brings together high school students and artists in a critical exploration of creative practice. Each guide is based around a specified theme and offers individual and collaborative activities, questions, and prompts to guide the development of your own personal inquiry and/or curriculum. 

We hope you find these resource guides useful in sparking new ideas for your own creative practice, whether individually, collaboratively, or in the classroom. Each publication’s format allows you to adapt, combine, or alter the activities to best meet the needs of your specific environment.