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Sitting in the Questions: The Institute of Other Significant Pursuits

Sitting in the Questions is a publication which reflects both the refined and the raw elements of our 2010 gathering of alumni Artist Mentors—The Institute of Other Significant Pursuits. It is a tangible testament to the notion of inhabiting the questions, the in-between spaces, and not-knowing. We hope this book will serve as a source of inspiration on the path of your own investigation, a source of reassurance at times of doubt and frustration, and everything in between.This book can be a way to connect with others who are also in the messy pursuit of making, mentoring, and nurturing creativity. 

In addition to the options above (a free download, or the purchase of a mass-market publication through LuLu Press) a limited edition of this publication can be purchased directly from New Urban Arts. In additional to a full-color paperback book, it includes a series of art postcards and a hand-printed book-wrap/poster. The limited edition is available for $20 (plus $5 shipping and handling). Please call, or email us, for more information.

The Institute of Other Significant Pursuits was launched in the summer of 2010, when ten alumni mentors from five states were invited to reconnect through workshops, discussions, and artmaking in our studio on Westminster Street. This group of emerging arts leaders and educators explored issues of artistic practice, teaching practice, nonprofit management, institutional culture, community building and social change through the lens of their experiences at New Urban Arts. As an ongoing initiative, the Institute is dedicated to supporting NUA alumni Artist Mentors in their work beyond the walls of our community art studio; to provide a meeting ground for conversation among those who have been profoundly affected by their experience at New Urban Arts; and to support each individual in translating their experiences into real influence and impact in the world.