Dana Heng

Dana Heng is an artist who identifies strongly with place. She was raised in Providence, where she partook in every youth arts program you can think of (CityArts!, NUA, The Steel Yard, AS220). Dana went to the University of Vermont, where she graduated with degrees in sociology and studio art, and also curated regional music and arts events with the underground Friends+Family Collective in town. Her major creative interests are dependent to the context of the place and community which surrounds her, and this usually manifests in mixed media and collaborative work. Her most recent jaunt in the socially isolating, barren land of Arizona helped balance the hectic and overwhelming aspects of social art-making, and there she was able to create independent work based on her experiences in the desert. After six year hiatus from NUA, Dana is returning as a photo mentor for the 2016-17 school year! 

Other things she loves: asymmetrical leaves, reality tv, raw meat, pranks, singing in the are alone, subverting the capitalist agenda, and more!