Jennifer Geller

Daughter of an activist mom and Boy Scout dad, Jennifer has been an advocate for equity in education since the fourth grade. She grew up in a rural Maine community playing violin, sewing with her grandmother, and skiing. Since then life has taken her and her violin from one post-industrial landscape to another as she pursued her fascination with the social and environmental constructions of the “places in between.” In the coalfields of Scotland, she participated on an interdisciplinary team to bring an arts-based, industrial heritage outreach program to primary school students as part of the University of Stirling’s Industrial Devon project, and closer to home, she served on UPP Arts board of directors to bring similar programming and awareness of the former Gorham Manufacturing site at Mashapaug Pond to Rhode Island students. Jennifer’s interest in places and spaces also led her to partner with NUA Knights to provide opportunities for students to study Central’s recent centennial through the arts.

Jennifer holds an MRes in environmental history from the University of Stirling, an MAT from the University of Pittsburgh, and a BA in social history from Carnegie Mellon University. She lives in Elmwood with her husband and two daughters.