Support New Urban Arts by becoming a monthly sustainer!

Become a Monthly Sustainer!
You can make a big impact by giving a little each month.

Click on your desired level of support below to continue through Paypal.  If you would like to give through an alternative method, please contact Connie Colvin at or (401) 751- 4556.

Rock Star ($209/month)

Provides 7 students with a yearlong college preparatory program.

Dynamo ($84/month)
Enables 100 students to produce 2 visual arts gallery exhibitions each school year.

Trendsetter ($42/month)
Enables 15 students to stage a popular fashion show each May.

Go-Getter ($21/month)
Buys silkscreen ink for 35 students in our 40-week after-school program.

Group Hug ($15/month)
Provides drawing materials for 15 students to build college portfolios in our 40-week after-school program.

BFF ($10/month)
Provides 1 student with photographic chemistry, 10 rolls of film, and the 30 sheets of paper needed to print a photography portfolio.

High Five ($5/month)
Provides supplies for 1 high school senior to complete their portfolio for art school.