Alexandrina Agloro

Alexandrina is a remix cyborg and a philosopher in training. She believes in the possibilities of the decolonial imaginary using digital media as an emancipatory tool. She also believes in the brilliance of young people and thinks a lot about radical love. She’s worked as a fashion show producer, at a hip-hop archive, and as a teacher at a social justice-based high school.

She couldn’t resist the magical pull back to Providence and moved here less than a year ago to pursue love and intellectual prowess after being away for almost 8 years. She misses her beloved hometown of San Francisco, but is reveling in the changes of season and the varieties of outfits it offers for her French Bulldog Beauregard

She’s currently working on an alternate reality game about local Black and Latin@ activism in Providence. She’s inspired by speculative fiction and the enduring bravery of people of color. She’s been threatening for years to open her own s’more cart, J’Adore S’more—wanna help? 


Years: 2013-14