Alicia Uth

Alicia has been working as an advisor at the MET High School in Providence for the past six years and teaches various classes for the RISD Continuing Education program including Printmaking, Creature Feature, and Rebel Art: Voice of the People.

Alicia has been a raving, doodling, art-fiend since she can remember. As a child, she remembers sitting silently for hours drawing on placemats at the restaurant where her mom was a waitress. When she went to work with her dad at construction sites, she drew in the sand with a stick or on pavement with a rock. After a few years roaming around down South after graduation from high school, Alicia eventually found her way back to Rhode Island and received a degree in Art Education from Rhode Island College. When Alicia is not making art, some of her favorite things to do include: searching for interesting art online, watching movies with her cats (Bonnie and V for Vendetta), laughing as much as possible, playing sports, hanging with her family and friends, and refusing to grow up.


Years: 2011-12 2012-13