Ben Fino-Radin

Ben was born and raised in rural Ontario, NY, surrounded by things he had taken apart, action figures, comic books, computers, and a nurturing family. Graduating from Alfred University in 2007, with his BFA, he has since relocated to Providence, RI. Ben’s work finds it’s footing in traditional folk culture, popular culture, psychedelic cultural abstraction, fictional mysticism, and digital approximation. Since graduating in 2007 he has shown at Stairwell Gallery and AS220 in Providence, Current Gallery and Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Mountain Fold Gallery and Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in New York, with a forthcoming show at The New Museum in NY. As was the case in his childhood, Ben spends most of his time in his room making things. He also splits his time between working on music projects, working at Black Cat Graphics, and of course mentoring at New Urban arts. Ben is beginning his second year as a mentor, working with students on radio/podcast/music/audio production.

He also has a website:


Years: 2007-08 2008-09