CJ Jimenez

cj has strong views about capital letters, bathrobes, and the Bermuda Triangle. She has been active within the New Urban Arts studio community since 2006—as a high school student, a participant in the Summer Art Inquiry on mail art, and a member of the Zine Team. As an alumnus, cj served as Chair of the Studio Team Advisory Board, as Studio Manager, and now as an artist mentor.

She works with multiple media including screen-printing, photography, bookmaking, painting, poetry, and large-scale installation work. cj has represented New Urban Arts at local and national conferences on topics ranging from the arts and education, to after-school programming. She is a graduate of School One and attended Marlboro College where she learned to further articulate her thoughts on privilege and ethnicity. She learned to play cello at Community Music Works and now plays in an all girl band, Sin Verguenza. cj currently attends College Unbound where she is studying community, non-profit management, education, art, music, trouble making, and story telling.



Years: 2012-13