Dylan Block-Harley

Dylan was born in Providence and raised in Seekonk, MA. He likes to start books and forget to finish them, write letters and forget to send them, and make lots of new friends who he can later forget to send letters to. Usually his forgetfulness is a direct result of playing music—a habit he’s been trying to kick since fifth grade when his dad bought him a drum pad in an effort to get him to stop using his brother’s head as a bongo. Today he and his brother play in a band together called Tik Tok—you can listen to them here: www.myspace.com/wetiktok. Last spring the band toured down the east coast to New Orleans where it was very hot for someone from Providence. This fall Tik Tok will be trying its luck in the mighty midwest with a month-long tour starting and ending in Providence. When he’s not playing music Dylan likes to canoe down wild rivers and sometimes knit. He is thrilled to return to New Urban Arts this year where he hopes to pass his love for music on to others, make some hot beats and meet new people who also want to live on a castle farm when they are 80.


Years: 2009-10 2010-11