Jori Ketten

Jori has lived in and out of (but mostly in) Providence since 1998. She has been fortunate to work with many different youth arts organizations in the city and loves when she runs into young people she knows from one place at a different place (whether at another organization or at the grocery store). Most recently she worked with nine Providence Youth Arts Collaborative students to plan a city-wide youth arts day, started a Media Lab at Community MusicWorks, and co-led a logo design project with a team of youth at The Hub at the Providence After School Alliance. Jori has taken Providence’s former moniker “The Renaissance City” to task by becoming a Renaissance person who embraces many art forms and aesthetic practices including photography, video, graphic design, dance, music, screenprinting, coordinating (yes this is an art form), and of course the art of living well amongst many other fabulous Renaissance people. A do-er and a reflect-er, Jori likes to experiment and explore and also to analyze and articulate. She is thrilled to be spending time at New Urban Arts as the digital arts mentor.


Years: 2010-11