Louis Martinez

Is a RISD graduate with a focus in sculpture. He hails from a small town in the middle of Massachusetts that most people have never heard of and if he didn’t tell them about it, probably never would. He comes from a pretty big, very close family. His art focuses on portraying the weakness of the strong. Utilizing mostly steel, wood, concrete and other industrious materials, he creates work that is very precarious in nature. The work, though built out of such strong materials, never lasts long and is often the source of its own demise. His work is an antithesis to itself. When he is not creating and destroying things, he spends a lot of time letting his mind wander off into other worlds, through books, comics, video games and the like. He also enjoys sports, board games and pretty much any kind of activity that can be considered competitive. He came to New Urban Arts January of 2011 and grew to love the enthusiasm and comfort of the space and people. He is now the sculpture mentor and is proud to be a member of the New Urban Arts team.


Years: 2011-12