Osmery Guerra

Osmery is an alumni student of New Urban Arts where she worked on fashion design, drawing and sewing. She showed an ambitious line, Pretty in Pink, in the annual fashion show at New Urban Arts, only five months after she first started designing! She also made her own prom dress. During summer 2007, Osmery attended a pre-college course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she further developed her sewing skills. Osmery is a graduate of Mount Pleasant High School in Providence, RI and is currently attending Community College of Rhode Island as an art major. She plans to attend FIT in 2010 and aspires to work in the fashion industry. This is her first year as an artist mentor at New Urban Arts. She wants to help students find their inner artist, like her mentors did for her. Osmery rarely has extra time on her hands, but when she does she enjoys going to museums and the movies, listening to music and cooking Domincan food.  


Years: 2009-10