Yenee Tarick Berta

Yenee is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Brown University.

In addition to Yenee’s academic pursuits, she has a strong commitment to equity and inclusion, as evidenced by her involvement in organizations such as Students for Educational Equity, the Pride Liberation Project, and organizations in her home country of Ethiopia. She has also helped seniors with their college applications through the Institute for East African Councils on Higher Education.

Most recently, Yenee has joined the Bonner Community Fellowship, a program that provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service and civic engagement activities. The program emphasizes the importance of collaboration, diversity, and leadership, and encourages students to work towards positive social change. Participants in the Bonner Community Fellowship engage in direct service, advocacy, and community organizing, and work to build sustainable relationships with the people and organizations they serve.

Aside from her academic and leadership pursuits, Yenee enjoys traveling, poetry, art, reading, exercise, music, volunteering, and dancing.

Years: 2022-23 2023-24