Looking for a former Arts Mentoring Fellow?

Taylor Jackson, Youth Engagement Associate (2019-2020)

Tamara Kaplan, Director of Programs (2000-2005), Finance and Operations Manager (2007-2019)

Katie Gui, Interim Program Assistant (2019)

Steven Velazquez, Communications Associate (2018-2019)

Aneudy Alba, Youth Engagement Associate (2017-2019), Resident Artist Mentor in Painting and Drawing (2015-2017)

Daysha Silva, Central NUA Knights VISTA (2018-2019)

Owen Muir, Studio Organizer (2014-2019)

Yolibel Gonzalez, Development and Communications VISTA (2017-2018)

Saulo Castillo, Development and Communications VISTA (2015-2017)

Connie Colvin, Director of Development (2014-2016)

Jasmine Clarke, Development Intern (2014-2015)

Jennifer Morrison, Development and Program Assistant (2014-2015)

Elia Gurna, Executive Director (2013-2014)

Rob Crystal-Ornelas, Studio Organizer (2013-2014)

Dylan Block Harley, Studio Manager (2011)

Priscilla Carrion, Studio Manager (2010-2011)

Jason Yoon, Executive Director (2008-2012)

Jesse Banks III, Youth Program Manager (2007-2013)

Sarah Meyer, Director of Programs (2005-2013)

Jenn Rice, AmeriCorps VISTA (2004-2006)

Aixa Almonte, AmeriCorps VISTA (2001-2003)

Tyler Denmead, Founder, Executive Director (1997-2007)

Marcus Civin, Founder, Program Director (1997-2000)

Angel Award Winners (1998)
Sarah Leddy
Brian Zimbler

Founders (1997-1998)
Julia Kim
Marcus Civin
Malaika Thorne
Tyler Denmead