Connie Colvin, Former Director of Development (2014-2016)

Connie Colvin is the principal at Very Serious Deadline Coaching, equal parts enthusiasm and absurdity mixed with strategic planning and project management. Focusing on the fun and surprise of life in conjunction with forward traction on your projects, Connie provides support and structure for those outside of traditional organizations.

Based on her training and experience as a project manager at American Red Cross and Columbia University in conjunction with her creative practices, Connie realized the need for project management and deadline coaching for other creative individuals working outside a traditional structure. Recognizing that a key component in creative project management is a budget, Connie has over time created a robust toolkit of development tools – from individual fundraising to grant writing to acquiring in-kind donations and event sponsorships. While working in a number of artistic collaborations, Connie was a freelance event planner and administrative consultant in New York City for five years prior to stepping into WNET (PBS affiliate) in the Membership department. (If you want to get into a really boring conversation that Connie will be incredibly excited about, ask her about Matching Gifts! Or how everything can be a project to be managed!)

Connie’s primary creative practice is media making. She was first drawn to documentary filmmaking as a way to connect in a meaningful way and share stories. Connie loves the collaborative and community aspects of film projects, ranging from small casual collectives to more polished large professional productions. When taking a break from filmmaking, Connie can be found creating and then deconstructing embroidered wax “palates.”

Connie holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Indiana University – Bloomington, focusing primarily on aesthetics and pragmatism. She continues to love to read philosophy texts about the nature of humor and jokes, but no humorous texts about philosophy.