Dylan Block Harley, Former Studio Manager

Dylan Block Harley graduated from Earlham College with a BA in English, where he was an active member of the Improv Troupe and numerous bands responsible for inciting spontaneous combustion across campus. His creative practice as a musician, improvisational actor and visual artist is inextricably tied to his work as an educator and steward of youth empowerment. For the past four years, Dylan has worked with youth leading trips for a wilderness canoe camp in Maine. He always brings a guitar or banjo along, prepared to catch whatever songs might show up. Dylan spent this past summer paddling and portaging over 200 miles in the north woods of Canada on a 33 day trip. He is happy to show pictures and tell stories – just ask!

Dylan first joined New Urban Arts as a music mentor in 2009. He loves to help students’ imaginations run wild and he believes the most important part of being an educator is to stand witness to each student’s search for the truth. He is thrilled to join New Urban Arts as the Studio Manager in this year of tremendous growth, and he hopes to help make the transition to a sustainable future as creative as possible.