Tina Meetran, Development Director

Tina Meetran is a Providence, RI native and has over 6 years of nonprofit and youth development experience. Through her lived experiences as a first-generation woman of color and her professional background in community organizing and nonprofit leadership, she has found her purpose in empowering and supporting young people to think critically about their society, to challenge their world, and to live unapologetically in their skin. 

In addition to being a community advocate, she is also an artist (and NUA Alumna!). She first experimented with visual arts through NUA where she was able to explore photography, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and mixed media. She fell in love with the way that colors were mixed, made, and danced across a page or canvas. Throughout the years, she realized that as a Southeast Asian woman, she did not see a lot of herself in the art field. Thus, she was called to highlight BIPOC communities and individuals in her work. She now has expanded to work with digital illustration and aspires to increase representation for communities of color in mainstream visual media – especially for our younger generations. She is the author of the children’s book Nana Makes Spring Rolls! and she aspires to create a children’s book series that highlights Southeast Asian cultures and foods.

Tina is a Squishmallow collector, dog mom to Bagel, and karaoke queen