Rhode Island Monthly: “6 Questions: New Urban Arts”

Rhode Island Monthly asks six questions about New Urban Arts.


1 WHO New Urban Arts.

2 WHAT The after-school art mentorship program matches Providence high-schoolers with local college students and artists to work on creative projects from painting and sculpting to sewing and photography.

3 WHERE The studio/gallery on Westminster Street contains a darkroom, computer lab and silk screening room. Every inch is used for creating and displaying the students’ art — the open work room doubles as a performance space for Youth Open Mic nights and student fashion shows.

4 WHEN Founded in 1997, the studio is filled year-round, drawing about
thirty students during its October to May after-school sessions. In the summer, students apply for paid internships or attend open studio hours to tackle projects they may not have had time for during the school months.

5 HOW The staff looks at each student’s creative background to match them with the most appropriate mentor.

6 WHY All you need to hear is the studio filled with lively chatter, scratching pencils, swishing paint brushes and the grinding gears of youthful imagination to see the program’s success. As Executive Director Jason Yoon says, “The students are goal-oriented, passion-oriented,
independent and very active learners.”