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Conversations on Creative Practice Poster

Ian Cozzens of Secret Door Projects wrote a lovely piece about the process of printing the poster for our 2011 Conversations on Creative Practice series. Ian was a screen printing mentor at New Urban Arts for several years, and he continues to help out with special projects at the studio, and is an unwavering support and teacher for me and printing projects. He himself makes beautiful prints, teaches around the country, supports artists and community building around town, gardens, bikes, and is an enthusiast for the good work happening. One of my first friends in Providence, he continues to be one of my favorite people to work with and learn from.

Check out his gorgeous work, thoughtful words, and prints for sale on his website:

Thanks Ian for capturing us in our inkiest moments! That video is wonderful. And thanks to the many many other folks who helped make the poster too! Kedrin Frias, Walker Mettling, Andrew Oesch, Taylor, Katie, Justin, Noel, Bridgette, Carolina ‘CJ’, & Shadow. So much awesomeness.