What Does New Urban Arts Mean To You?

On Thursday, August 11, NUA On The Move hosted a studio packing party. Even though packing and moving an entire art studio is serious business, the event had a particularly New Urban Arts feel to it complete with good music, awesome people, sumi ink drawing, pizza, and a free store. NUA On The Move summer intern Katie O’Connell painted a prompt on the wall “What Does NUA Mean To You?” and invited participants to pin their thoughts on the wall. Here are the responses we collected:

NUA is the home away from home where you can get super messy with no consequences!! (Well, as long as you clean up…)

It means a lot to me. It a place where people can come and express themself through art.


Awesome people X crazy cool environment = NUA!!

To me NUA is a place to go to and forget about everything else in the world. A refuge in which I express myself through paper, and interact with awesome people. We make NUA and without us, NUA wouldn’t be such a wonderful place.

A second home!!

New Urban Arts is like cheesecake, sweet and good.

A place where things happen.

NUA is magical. It’s the place I dreamed of when I was young. A haven for creative, sensitive, outstanding people!

NUA is the fourteenth, twenty-first and first letter of the alphabet. And a model democracy where anything is possible.

Cool and awkward and friendly people who like art, like me!

Freedom. Art. Loudness. Glitter. Unicorns.

NUA = An awesome place

Art + Lots of Love. Music!

NUA is love to me. NUA is my first second home. I’m sad we are leaving but ready to welcome the new NUA

An amazing magical place…OF DOOM >:D

It means the world, and some Reces Peanut Butter Cup

Taking risks without judgement and knowing you will be celebrated!

New Urban Arts is a cool place–It’s like sprinkles on an ice cream or the strawberry on top of the cake.

New Urban Arts is a place where people listen.

Drawing stuff is cool 😀 No, but really…a place to relax and get your creative mind flowing.