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Stewardship: A Poem from Mid Year Makings by Student Brigette Larmena

Dear artists. Welcome to the world of art. You will find the answer to every question your school teacher couldn’t answer. The truth of life will be revealed to you, as you will be the creator. You are god. You hold the power to mold and make. You have the power, for you are an artist. 

Dear artist, beware. Do not be fooled. The norms do not apply to you. Understand the rules are meant to be broken. Coloring outside of the line is too mainstream. Burn the line and draw a new one. Disregard the naysayers, they doubt because they have not come into themselves. We are the leaders of revolutions, though a hard task, the end result is more than worth it. 

Dear artists. Connect, find others. There are millions of other artists just waiting to be found. Combine and express. It is your birth right. 

Dear artists. Thank you for bringing beauty into the world. You are gods. Art is life. 

– Brigette Larmena