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…a person and an artist, not just a grade

Please give to New Urban Arts before our fiscal year ends on June 30. In the words of one of our students, Lia, here’s why your gift matters:

“New Urban Arts displays a tremendous amount of empathy and support for all who enter, and after experiencing what is possible, I am dissatisfied with the lack of thoughtfulness and kindness outside of this place.”

Your gift will help sustain this place where young people can experience that empathy, support, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

In a space like this, young people who are constantly told that they don’t matter learn to see their own potential. Lia continued, “It is a place where I learn about social issues and question myself and others consciously. Here I can actually improve myself as a person and an artist, not just as a grade. If it were not for NUA showing me that my ideas as an individual actually matter, then I wouldn’t be fueled with the knowledge that I could make a change.”

Lia just successfully finished her first year of college, where she is studying public policy, and she remains committed to changing the world.

I say it often: art draws young people into New Urban Arts, but the biggest impacts are a result of the safe space that we provide.

You can ensure that caring adults are here to welcome students, to take them seriously, to ask them what they want to learn and what kind of support they need.

We were able to help Lia launch her life after high school, but our enrollment has grown. That means more young people than ever want this to be the place where they plan for the future.

That’s why we’re planning to hire a full-time post-secondary advisor. This is something our students have been asking for and we’ve wanted to provide for a long time.

Please give today to help us make it happen and to ensure that this space is here for the young people who need it.

Daniel Schleifer
Executive Director

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