I hope you will join me today in giving to New Urban Arts! Here’s why:

During high school, it was difficult for me to grasp who I was, to feel a sense of belonging, but this was never the case at New Urban Arts. New Urban Arts donors—people just like you and me—made this possible.

When I first walked through those studio doors, I was taken aback by the hustle and bustle—what we have come to know and love as organized chaos—but the more I stood there, the more I felt part of this community of artists.  

NUA always fostered a safe space for me to exist and respected my thoughts and ideas. NUA is a place without criticism or judgement. The studio culture facilitated the development of my creative practice at a pace I felt comfortable. As the years went by, I learned about a myriad of art forms such as drawing, painting, photography, and poetry. I also became involved in governance through STAB (The Studio Team Advisory Board) which helped organize events and interviewed candidates for volunteer and staff positions, including the executive director.

At NUA, the students’ voices matter; my voiced mattered. By supporting New Urban Arts, you’re giving young people a place where their voices matter.

You learn so much more than being an artist at NUA. It’s self-discovery. I came to understand my creative practice, my voice, and my sense of self, and for that, I am eternally grateful. My personal belief is to leave a place better than you found it, and so I am happy to give back today as board member of the organization.

None of this would have been possible without you who see the value of the work New Urban Arts does. I would like for you to give today so the organization can continue to nourish the creative practice of our students and—through that practice and time spent at the studio—nourish their sense of self.

I welcome you to make a gift in-person so you can see the wonderful work NUA does. You can also give on-line at bit.ly/NUA-give.

A sincere thank you from,

Ángel Peña
NUA Alumni & Board Member
P.S. Please consider becoming a monthly sustainer at bit.ly/SustainNUA