Program Spotlight: S.T.A.B.

As part of New Urban Art’s 25th Anniversary, we will be spotlighting current programs and initiatives across the organization. For our fourth month, we are highlighting our STAB program with an interview with three of our current student members, Edwin, Katrina, and Brent.


What is STAB?

Edwin: Studio Team Advisory Board

Katrina: Sexy Teenagers A-broad… We represent the students at NUA. 

Edwin: We make decisions for the studio that revolve around students.

Brent: It’s an attempt to provide student representation in the governance of this organization. We are more here to give student perspective than to mastermind anything.

Edwin: We get to help hire people.


Why did you join STAB?

Katrina: I like knowing what goes on behind the scenes and I wanted to be more involved in this place because I think it’s cool.

Brent: Because I’m a control freak

Edwin: Ashley [former Studio Director] asked me if I was interested in STAB because I have strong opinions.


Why is STAB important to the studio?

Edwin: I think we have insight that mentors might not have. I think we do a good job representing the student body because we have a diverse committee. We cover all corners of the spectrum of NUA people. 

Katrina: So far we, as a group, have cultivated some good relationships, we get along I think. I enjoy hanging out with the STAB group. 

Edwin: Mentors are not as personal as the students.There’s always going to be a difference between mentor and student and students can represent their own needs better.

Brent: There’s also a financial component, students are the ones receiving the services that NUA provides, so we have the perspective on how to improve it and how to make it more accurately serve our needs.


What are some projects STAB has worked on this year?

Edwin: We hired the new studio director!

Katrina: We interviewed the studio advocate.

Brent: We discussed how students eat in regard to what is safe and comfortable given COVID safety stuff. When the guidelines were changing we gave input into what was working and what wasn’t.


What are your hopes and dreams for STAB in the future?

Edwin: I would like to see NUA expand in size to serve more students.

Brent: I’d like to see a yearly recruitment drive so we can have a constant influx of new students.

Katrina: All of the STAB members will be seniors next year, so we will need more students to join for the future.

Edwin: I think it would be cool to have the walls painted something other than white, student paintings/murals on the walls. For example, that wall is just blue, you can do better than that Dean. [note from the editor: Sorry Edwin!]

Katrina: Definitely the podcast.

Edwin: We’re starting a podcast.

Katrina: It’s called New Urban Farts, and it’s conversations with students, uncensored! It’s going to be launched on the NUA website and youtube channel. We are mostly going to discuss amongst STAB and it will be a resource for community members, future students/STAB members for what the studio culture is like.