Abel Hernandez

Abel is an alumni student of New Urban Arts and a graduate of Central High School. He has participated in many art and political programs around the state, including Providence City Arts, TruSkool Studios, RISD Pre-College, Providence School District Wide Student Government, and Providence Poverty Task Force with Mayor David Cicilline. He is an alumni of the 2007 Class of College Visions. He is a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design where he studies industrial design. This is his third year as an artist mentor at New Urban Arts, where he works with students on developing their drawing skills. This past summer he spent much of his time volunteering at the Community Boating Center in India Point Park where he helped organize the facility and teach sailing classes. He also enjoys traveling, rock climbing, Salsa dancing and triathlons.


Years: 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11