Adrienne Benz

Adrienne studied Civil Engineering at Colorado State University as an undergraduate and received her Masters at the Rhode Island School of Design in Architecture. She has taught in the Architecture Department at RISD and teaches an intensive design-build architecture studio for teens through RISD continuing education. She recently finished building a community center with Monash University students in Australia through a design-build studio she taught there. Adrienne began painting a few years ago, using primarily sumi ink and watercolor as her medium of choice. Over time painting has become a place of stillness for her, a time for her to arrive upon and dwell beyond the reaches of her own preconceptions. Her work is produced in a time in which she is lost, a time of searching. Her finished works are maps, memories of a travel. She is intrigued by found objects; their displacement in space and time allows wandering. She maps their past realities and finds how they reside in the present by her interpretation of their travel. She is a collector of memories. This is Adrienne’s third year mentoring at New Urban Arts.


Years: 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10