Arthur Katrina

Arthur is from, in and around Providence, Rhode Island and its surrounding toxic rivers, scenic beaches, pastoral suburbia, chaotic collective endeavors, late night and early morning bicycle rides, intriguing architectures, extended families, public libraries, bottomless cups of coffee and before that, school cafeteria coffee milk cartons, and exciting and generative mental landscapes. Arthur draws a monthly comic strip called RAT RADIO and works on a solo and semi-regular comic zine called ROT. They also print posters for shows, build intuitive structures out of trash, scream in a very loud and crunchy band and play great-grandparent era music on accordion in another. Arthur has apprenticed with Farmacy Herbal Education center in Providence and at the Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont, and currently sporadically learns Spanish, offset lithography, and tries to sit in on queer ecology conversations, at ONA, AS220, and RISD, respectively. Arthur has toured extensively with homemade bizarre youth-fueled circuses, and has run around all over the country with a heavy backpack full of too many books and interesting rocks and things like that, but is now extremely psyched to live and work on one million things “in the city where I’m from.”


Years: 2011-12