Cassie Clarke

Cassie is currently in an open relationship with Providence and Boston, because she’s honestly got too much love invested to leave either. She is a life-long martial artist, teacher, writer, and listener. In Boston, she works as a youth literacy activist, organizing community events for MASSLEAP—a nonprofit aiming to bring the spoken word to the Boston-based youth. She is a fingernail away from graduating from Suffolk University with a BA in Creative Writing, where she’s also been employed as a writing/ESL tutor for the past three years. During her free time she teaches poetry to 6th graders, writes poems, and plasters her wall with portrait photography. She’s a firm believer in the power of the written/verbal voice as a life-line and education as an ongoing dialogue… also toe-socks, saving the white lion, and the necessity of owning a bo-staff at all times. She’s excited to join the New Urban Arts team as a poetry-mentor, and cannot wait to share and learn from each others’ histories together! She hopes to ignite some voices, or at least some giggles.


Years: 2011-12