Alice Costas

Alice hails from Chicago, Illinois, where she wrote her fingers off at Young Chicago Authors and holed up in her high-school’s homemade dark-school, located in the men’s theatre locker room. She is a printer, photographer, writer, performer, biker, and baker. She has very expensive pieces of paper from Brown University and RISD, where she was a guinea pig for the Brown/RISD dual degree program. She works at the RISD museum, researching and observing beautiful things. She also spends a good chunk of time observing even more beautiful things as the Coordinator of Toddlery for a 13 month old. After 24 years living in cities, she spent last summer teaching art and writing, and learning to use “brights” on “back roads” to get to “swimming holes” in the Pioneer Valley at the Deerfield Academy Summer Arts Camp. She is very very happy to be back at NUA for a third year of mentoring.


Years: 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12