Emmett Starr Fitzgerald

Emmett grew up in a very old house on a snowy hill in Montpelier, Vermont. In between trips to the woodpile, Emmett spent his time reading Tintin comics, playing the clarinet, and hoping to grow taller. He came to Providence in 2006 to attend Brown University where he studied history and creative writing. For his thesis, he wrote the first half of a young adult novel about a colony of talking lobsters, a mysterious buoy, and the lobster fishing industry. He hasn’t yet gotten around to writing the second half, but he’s going to any day now. Emmett works at a non-profit organization in Providence writing high school history books on topics like the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. He is fascinated by the powerful potential of stories and motivated by the desire to create new possibilities with words. Emmett is incredibly excited to join the NUA community where he hopes to write with students, help with homework of the non-math variety, and have conversations about bats houses, boreal forests, the future, or whatever else anyone wants to talk about.


Years: 2011-12