Jess Fields

Jess is an explorer of the unknown with a passion for art, jokes and bad television. She came from sunny California to the rusted city of Pittsburgh, PA to study film and learn about crippling winters. After five long years she moved to the charming city of Providence to work with little kids and animals. She enjoys brutal sumi ink projects, whirlwind collaborations and talking to people about their art. She has held many interesting job titles including security guard for Cirque du Soleil, AmeriCorps worker for the Providence Children’s Museum, cupcake slinger in a bakery, and shelter worker for Providence Animal Rescue League, but right now she sorts papers in an office. She calls it “zen.” She also acts in plays written by elementary aged beast writers through the Manton Avenue Project. Jess first fell in love with NUA when she participated in the 2010 Providence Zine fair, and hung around throughout the year at such events as the All Night Art Lock-in and the end of year Art Party. As creator of the new tradition, NUA Karaoke night, Jess has a soft spot for passionate off-key singing. She loves avocados, gummy bears and her dog, Scout. Jess Fields is a ghost enthusiast.


Years: 2010-11 2011-12