Mimi Chrzanowski

Mimi Chrzanowski was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in a small farming town in Wisconsin. Since finishing school in the midwest, Providence has been her happy home, including a year-long residency at the Dirt Palace.

In her pink dolphin-shaped monster truck/studio she makes drawings, comics, paintings, animated GIFs, illustrations, screenprints, self-published books, stickers, and coffee spills. She explores adventure stories, absurd humor, magical realism, being brave, standing up for yourself, inner power, and playfulness.

She has taught through PASA-AfterZone, AS220, CityArts, and Cumberland Library. Her work has shown at Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Arts Festival, Boston Center for the Arts, and Soho20 Chelsea Gallery. She has worked with Providence Comics Consortium, Magic Lantern, Volume One Magazine, FMLY, Ladyfest-Providence, and Recycle-A-Bike.

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Years: 2013-14 2014-15