Karina Esperanza Yanez

Karina is from South Los Angeles, CA and currently an MA in Art + Teaching candidate at RISD. Her art ranges from photography, printmaking, sewing, painting and everything else in between but she is mostly a performance artist. Karina is fascinated by history, race, gender, sociology, politics, and literature. She incorporates all of these interests in her art as much as she can.

Karina received her BFA in Fine Art from CalArts where she also worked as a student instructor for the Community Arts Partnership (CAP) program. While teaching for CAP she worked with students at various continuation High Schools throughout the LA County area. She hopes to one day create community arts based program in South LA because she feels that there should be more exposure to the arts in the neighborhood she grew up in.

When Karina is not in school or making art she enjoys training for marathons and bike riding. This is Karina’s first time in Providence and she is beyond excited to be a mentor at New Urban Arts!           


Years: 2013-14