Shannon Falvey

Shannon Falvey is an artist of all forms, born and raised in Providence, RI. She graduated from Classical High School in 2009. She has worked with countless art media including screen printing, photography, painting, drawing and sewing- but her favorite is a tattoo needle. As a student at New Urban Arts she participated in the 2009 Summer Art Inquiry themed around Archives. Her involvement in this internship led to facilitating workshops with Julia Gualtieri for the K-12 Providence Public Schools’ art teachers. Her individual inquiry focused on scars, their stories and the body’s role as an archive and canvas. The project lit a fire under her, leading to a tattoo apprenticeship which she has been working on for the past year. After graduating high school, she returned to New Urban Arts as a studio assistant curating shows and picking students’ brains in 2010 and 2011. That summer she led a workshop with Jess Fields on developing empowered creativity with homeless youth in Providence. She also traveled to San Francisco on behalf of New Urban Arts to network with and learn about non-profits on the west coast with the Artography grant. When she’s not arting it up, she’s sailing around Narragansett Bay. She is also an award winning Irish Step dancer and a passionate feminist.