Victoria Ruiz

Victoria is a screen printer, sculptor and performance artist. She is an alumnus of youth arts program in the Bay Area, which inspired her interest and dedication to the urban arts community. She studied architecture and economics at Columbia University in New York. She was an artist and community organizer in Harlem. She worked as a set design mentor developing youth street theater and public art installations in the windy streets of Segusino and Trieste, Italy.

She is passionate about the confluence of knowledge and practice and studied architecture and economics in hope to understand the physical aspects of cities and how to be a part of the tiny moments of people coming together that make our cities churn.

She moved to Providence three years ago and currently works at the RI Public Defender as a juvenile rights caseworker. She is overzealous to be the front woman of Providence’s punk band the Downtown Boys. This is her third year as an artist mentor. When not at NUA, or singing her lungs out, Victoria rallies for immigration and labor rights. She loves NUA and she doesn’t love the drug war. She loves people following their hearts and doesn’t love racism. 


Years: 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14