Dana Heng, Manager of Artist Mentors

Dana Heng is an interdisciplinary visual artist and educator based in Providence, RI. She attended New Urban Arts as a student during her years at Classical High School. While in college in Vermont, she studied sociology and studio art, continuing to foster a creative and social practice that was instilled in her as a teen in the Providence youth arts scene. Upon returning to RI, Dana volunteered at NUA as a darkroom photography mentor, facilitated NUA’s Summer Art Inquiry program, became employed as Resident Artist Mentor in Painting and Drawing, and then was promoted as the Manager of Artist Mentors. Greatly influenced and inspired by the philosophy at NUA, Dana’s practice outside of work is often community-driven. She co-founded Binch Press in 2018, a member-based print shop centering queer and BIPOC artists. She is also a co-organizer of the annual Queer/Trans Zinefest in Providence, RI, which is a zine fair and event for independent publishers and artists. In her personal creative practice, Dana makes work based on food culture and memory as it relates to identity and belonging. She was the recipient of the 2019 RISD Museum Artist Fellowship, 2021 Santa Fe Art Institute Labor Residency, 2022 Interlace Project Grant, 2023 Steel Yard Ceramics Micro Residency, and has shown her work in galleries around Providence. She is a collector of random skills and hobbies (her most favorite is cooking), driven by curiosity and a desire to learn and to share.

Website: danaheng.com