Filipa Estrela, Fashion & Sewing Resident Artist Mentor

Filipa Estrela (any pronouns) is a crafter, cartoonist, clown, costumer, printmaker, and educator; sometimes all at the same time. 

They are a working artist and a member of the Queer Archive Work and Binch Press studio. In 2021, they earned an MFA in Cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Filipa works in a variety of mediums, playing with anything from drawing, to writing, to sewing, embroidery, needlefelting, rug tufting, paper crafts, mixmedia, sculpture, beading… and they are constantly seeking to learn new crafts and art forms. 

Regardless of medium, Filipa’s creative practice is all about play, experimentation, and blending the everyday with a dose of myth, magic and wonder. In their works,they often draw inspiration from xer identity and heritage as a queer, gender-fluid, Cape-Verdean/ Chinese/ Portuguese mixed person of color, while focusing on soft moments that reflect the complex relationships people experience within themselves and with others. Most of all, Filipa wants to make art that is heartwarming, encourages human connection, and inspire others to embrace their own creative selves.

Filipa is joining as NUA’s new resident artist mentor for fashion and sewing which they are very excited about! Filipa has been sewing and creating costumes, clothes and cosplays since highschool and is looking forward to give the support and guidance they wish they had had when first starting out.