Ian Cozzens, Printmaking Resident Artist Mentor

Ian Cozzens is a visual artist who makes prints, sculptures, quilts, zines, spaces, collections, & shelves, among other things. He graduated from the RISD Architecture Department in 2005, and volunteered at New Urban Arts in 05-06 and 07-08, then returned in 2015 as a Resident Artist Mentor. He learned how to screenprint from friends in Providence, and has designed & printed many posters for underground shows and community events, as well as prints of Providence’s urban landscape. As a screenprinter, he loves analog & semi-obsolete methods of creating film positives: hand-drawing letterforms, cutting intricate Rubylith stencil films, and working with ink on mylar. 
Over the past ten years, he has built installations incorporating silkscreened paper, wallpaper, and text, as well as shelves, boxes, and constructions, laid out by making perspectival projection drawings by hand. His interests in pattern, geometry, and history have led him to the craft of patchwork and quiltmaking, elements of which have also become part of the installations (as well as part of his daily life). Ian is always trying to bring things together and make it all make more sense, seeking out some kind of unity of content with form, craft, and existence.