Mara O’Day, A Life After School Coordinator

Mara O’Day is one of those ambivalent TCK artists with a US passport. Be wary, the shyness is aggressive. She has been working in arts education, college and career access in RI since 2003. Co-founding, teaching and lead mentoring at RISD Project Open Door for seven years, working as a visiting artist/educator/college advisor at the RISD Museum, with RISD Pre-College Scholars and the Walsh school in Pawtucket and onto the same work at NUA + art book collection curating. Tons of charcoal stories have been worked in art basement-lands. Your art/design is probably making her think of connections to 30,000 years of other work, so be specific when requesting critique. She will be leaving Rhode Island and her art books in 2020. It has been an honor to work with all the inspiring youth.