Sherly Torres, Painting and Drawing Studio Assistant

Sherly Torres was born in Puerto Rico and raised in both Puerto Rico and Rhode Island, alternating between the two. During high school, thanks to the opportunities and resources given by NUA and College Visions, she attended the SMFA pre-college program and was accepted to Rhode Island College. At RIC she immersed herself into helping the annual art auction and she was a gallery assistant for the Chazan Gallery. In 2021, she graduated from RIC with a BFA in painting and in the future she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in both painting and museum studies. Her favorite painting media are oil paint and watercolor. Her past works used to center around cultural dissociation represented as fragmented and cubist-like childhood memories and architecture. Presently, she intends to artistically explore the psychology of ADHD and its role in her past, present, and future, as well as demonstrate the cultural context her ADHD has been tied to over the years. 
Throughout college she found love for other subjects too, such as ceramics, youth development and assisting in raising donations for non-profit art organizations. Sherly is currently the studio/ painting assistant at NUA and a part-time sales associate at The RISD Store. As a Central High School and NUA Alumni it felt nostalgic for her to step out of the higher education bubble and fully connect back with the local art community, especially the Latinx art and performance community. Aside from painting, she’s an expert in eating food, specifically anything with cheese and chocolate. She considers herself a shipping professional thanks to her former position as a  shipping associate at The UPS Store. She is an avid coin collector and hopes to one day earn a Grammy for the daily concert tours she has held in her shower. 🙂