Sissy Rossó, Student Support Specialist

Sissy Rossó is an artist and researcher born in Bronx, RI and raised in Providence, RI. Sissy also attended NUA as a student from 2011-2015. Most recently, she graduated from Rhode Island College with a masters in Psychology. Sissy’s work is an exploration of identity, woven together by the threads of her cultural heritage, family history, and the vibrant communities that shape her experiences. In addition to her creative endeavors, Sissy is a strong advocate for Latine mental health and cultural beliefs in treatment planning.

Her creative interests take on an interdisciplinary approach encompassing printmaking, textiles, collage, and painting. She strives to create a visual language that reflects on Dominican ancestral knowledge which becomes a powerful tool for communal healing. Drawing from archival practices, she delves into the layers of personal and collective memory, unearthing stories that might otherwise be forgotten. Her work invites viewers to reimagine their own narratives and envision a future unburdened by the constraints of the familiar. 

Sissy is a playlist curator, Sonny Angel collector, and concertgoer.