I, Lesly Cruz, take my first steps into the building I’ve seen across from Classical so many times…and feel immeditely out of place…Walking into New Urban Arts I went through 3 emotions the first minute~. (^u^)—(o_o)—(._.) I felt like a total creeper. @_@ Being completely new NUA and recognizing no one caused me to panic‘NO…AH…I’m going to end up a weird loner’ >_< Not before long I found a familiar face and the super friendly staff (Sara, Jason, & Julia) allowed me to feel not as completely out of place.

Intros were quick; Jason led the way to the new building~.

/@o@ / Waaa~!! It looks so Amazing~!!


Currently, the inside looks completely different (and more dangerous!) Construction workers everywhere, newly constructed walls, and TWICE as much space. I spent the first 5 minutes looking around the floors in order to avoid stepping in another cement pit. (Darn city construction workers! *shakes fist*)

The rest of the day is a blur for me… (Short term memory >_<)

OH!! STICKY NOTES!! :3 We like posted sticky notes on what we were interesting in doing~. (Documentation, field trips, event planning, conversation, cleaning, etc.)


The second day was the best~. Radio guy John and Jori came in to talk about/demonstrate documentation. (Stop motion videos are awesome!! 0u0)

And, unfortunately, due to my horrible memory everything afterwards is kinda sketchy >A< (I need a trigger word)

But I do remember something important. I, along with another newbie, were asked something like, “How do you guys feel about the move?”

Gosh, I have no idea how to answer that. Some of my fellow Demi-Gods 😉 ,such as Noel and Chris, have been here for a really, really long time. And I just arrived to NUA; I haven’t even been here for…*counts on fingers* more than 8 hours~. So…yea. I don’t have any of that deep emotion attachment that the others in my group have; I don’t have any real, real close connections to the mentors. I barely know where anything is in the room and I have no idea who made the wonderful pieces of art scattered around the room. (._.) But in the short time that I’ve been here I gained a sort of fondness for NUA. I love how everyone is friendly and passionate~! The room is always busy—* Drawing wars going on, movies, construction, salsa dancing~. XD I feel… comfortable.:)And although, I don’t have any really awesome memories about this place right now I’m sure to make some during this move~.

Yea…sappy ending~.

-Lesly Cruz