A Self-Perceived NEWBIE Perspective

Hi! The name is Carmela, Carmela Wilkins. Its’s been two days for me so far and i already have a small list of adjectives describing how I felt when I walked into New Urban Arts: open-minded, nervous, awkward, comforting. These are just a few words to describe the experiences for me coming into NUA, it was a total array of mixed emotions, it was like I was overwhelmed but in different ways…It was like odd, but then awesome too! I saw my awesomely awesome friend Noel and I gave him a hug and like he introduced me to like a branch of other super cool people. That was when I slipped into my comfort zone. I was amongst individuals of all kinds who related to me in one way or another rather if it was anime, fashion, or our quirky traits. I began to know and become more familiar with the demigods in my internship group (a.k.a. NUA ON THE MOVE) , consisting of mostly members who have been here more than I have stepped foot into the door. Who I shall not dare and forget their names, Chris, Katie, Noel, Jessabel our superb mentor Julia, and another newbie like me, Lesly. We are the ones who are going to alter and blow everyones mind with our progress on the move to a new location, as the name suggests lol. Conjuring up all of our brain power and creativity we are going to document, have field trips (our little leisure :), plan events, and what everyone is looking forward to the most, packing and cleaning! Yay…Already adjusting to the changing environment here, things are bound to get to an extreme excitement level!