Time to get WILD!!

Hello my dear dudes and dudettes ! I’m Jessabel…During this week we have witnessed many different things around NUA…especially in the Basement. We actually managed to clear a pathway that allows us to walk by more comfortable! I remember seeing a mannequin, old screen prints, books, and a bunch of other stuff a lot of which are now considered “Junk”. while working hard on documentation and making sure that the last days left inside this building are all recorded so that everyone who know, don’t know but will know about NUA get a picture of how important this building is to us and the special memories it will hold forever (Don’t worry guys, The internet will not be the only place in which we document THE MOVE….We’re also making ZINES. and possibly even an artist book) There are so many ways of documentation it is really hard for us to make up our minds as to which one to choose. In the meantime as we work we have been creating a lot of wonderful memories from this great experience and historical moment, NEVER AGAIN TO BE SEEN! It is very exciting, overwhelming, and a bunch of different emotions that mix together and slam us in the face as the day gets nearer….sheesh, even though Katie and I only have approximately a year being members of NUA it became a year that seems like forever….


Ohai~ Katie here :3

Yesterday, Jessabel, Ian, Julia, and I went into the screen print room to explore the different stories behind each print. After Ian explained the history of all of the prints, the one that really stuck out to us, was the Surfing Clock, a print made by a boy named Alex, who decided to make this print because he wanted to imitate the designs of Abercrombie and American Eagle. You would never guess that’s what he was trying to do. Instead of making a plain surfer shirt, he just kept adding and adding to this epic design until he created one of the best pieces in the print room. At first glance, it’s just a clock on a surf board. But then you actually look at it closely for a long period of time and little details that you had never noticed before start popping out. The “surf’s up” in what appears to be the clocks hat. The kite flying in the sky. The globe peeping out of the corner. Abercrombie could never come up with an idea this good.