Blogging to improvisation

My name is Christopher Jorge, the favorite of NUA. I would like to thank the rest of NUA ON THE MOVE and visiting artist Bashir for participating in this history changing program. Over the course of NUA ON THE MOVE I have learned how to screen print and I learned how to use flickr (a photo sharing website). I guess some of us have learned more about what a home is and about each other. I feel as if everybody is getting along and having fun. We are working on planning a packing party, were we are gonna invite the community to pack and throw trash away, yaaay!!! It’s gonna be an event in which it brings people together to New Urban Arts. We will also have a junk sale in which; yes you guessed it, junk will be given away. I wanted to sell everything for a dollar but, the rest of the gang prefers things to be given away for hugs etc.. I enjoy personally the idea of NUA moving since a new space will be better for everyone. Not only will there not be mold but, a bigger space for people to interact. When i think of moving I think of change and new beginnings. And that is what NUA ON THE MOVE IS ABOUT. Change will be made to the new space and new beginnings for the coming freshman and new friendships. NUA is a home among homes since it’s a place to be yourself. I am proud to be with ON THE MOVE and to participate in this glorious and memorable occasion.

One of my favorite memories was the Lock In which i participated in two years ago. During the lock in there was Step mania (which is like dance dance revolution). A few other activities were offered and we had to stay up all night without falling asleep. Subway was offered which was good. I enjoyed the lock in and staying up from six in the afternoon to six in the morning. I was disappointed that we didn’t have it this year. I am hoping that we will have it next year. Check out the pictures I’ve been taking to document the move!