Hello 743……or should I say goodbye. 

New Urban Arts has been my home for about 3 years so far and this move was some thing that I disagreed with. I did not want New Urban Arts to move to a bigger and nicer space. I was going to kill Jason for buying a new building . But the main reason for my hatred was that I thought all the memories of the old space would just go away. That the new generation of young artists would take over and make NUA a different space. Make a space that only they knew about. A place that the older generation couldn’t get used to or just couldn’t feel comfortable in. But someone change my mind. This person told me that it’s not the space that makes New Urban Arts, it’s the people. It’s people like you, me and all these people around us that make the studio wonderful. NUA could move to New Jersey and every one here would move to New Jersey just to make art here…there…whatever. Plus the new space has more room. Which is wonderful. Now we can actually make large scaled pieces of art work. Well goodbye 743…hello 705!